Love 4 Paws

Certified Canine Massage & Rehabilitation Therapy

Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Canine Rehabilitation is a growing new field which is based on human physiotherapy principles adapted to the canine patient. Your dog can improve with rehabilitation therapy and exercises like you can. It is most effective on acute injuries or post-surgical conditions, but can also be a great help with controlling pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and aging. Rehabilitation treatments improve quality of life and help reduce pain and inflammation.

    Treatment Methods for Rehabilitation

    Love 4 Paws treatment methods include a gait and full body assessment. Massage and manual techniques to increase blood flow and help resolve muscle tension. Passive Range of Motion (ROM), Active ROM, and Stretching exercises help pets increase flexibility where muscles and joints don't have normal flexibility. Shockwave Therapy is another form of treatment, which applies sound waves to stimulate a natural self-healing process, offered for musculoskeletal, soft tissue and bone injuries.  Therapeutic exercises allow pets to rebuild or maintain muscle mass, increase flexibility, core strength, balance, coordination and body awareness.  When appropriate, applying cold packs to help pets who have heat and inflammation, and heat packs to areas with muscle tension or spasms, can provide relief. 
    Rehabilitation Therapy also includes Home Care exercises that you will need to perform with your pet in between rehabilitation sessions. Most rehabilitation sessions are booked once or twice weekly, so you will need to perform exercises on the days your dog is not having therapy. Home care and exercises are very important for your dog's chances at recovery. If you are unable to dedicate the time to do home care exercises, it is crucial that there is a plan in place for home care to be provided by another person or more rehabilitation sessions need to be booked each week.
      Love 4 Paws treatments for Canine Physical Rehabilitation:
      • Gait Assessment
      • Range of Motion
      • Heat/Ice Therapy
      • Massage Therapy
      • Joint Mobilizations
      • Stretching
      • Therapeutic Exercise
      • Strengthening
      • Shockwave Therapy 
      • Balance and coordination exercises
      • Hind end awareness

      In Home Visits

      In-home sessions may be arranged in the Fredericton area. These sessions are for dogs with extreme mobility limitations and that require rehabilitation over a period of weeks or months. These are available with a pre-purchased Rehabilitation 5 or 10 session package. All sessions need to be booked in advance and a travel fee will be applied for those at a distance of more than 30km.