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Certified Canine Massage & Rehabilitation Therapy

Sports Conditioning

Elana has been working with some of the top Canine Athletes in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI since 2008.
She works with dogs competing at the Regional, National and even World level to keep them functioning at peak performance.

Does your dog need Sports Conditioning?

If your dog is doing any form of dog sports, be it Flyball, Agility, Tracking, Disc Dog or IPO, or even if your dog goes for long hikes in the woods, your dog will likely benefit from a conditioning program. Conditioning programs help your dog stay strong, pain and injury free. Every dog sport or repetitive activity creates areas of stress on your dog's body and therefore a program including massage and specific exercises can help reduce the chances of repetitive strain injuries.

What is included in our Sports Conditioning Program?

A Sports Conditioning program will include a full physical assessment and gait analysis looking for any areas of weakness, stress or overuse. We will go over the dog's sport and how to minimize typical injuries that go along with the sport. We will create a plan which includes endurance exercises, strengthening exercises, body awareness exercises, stretching exercises, and balance exercises. A warm up and cool down plan will also be created for before and after exercise and sporting events. Massage may be added into the plan if your dog currently has areas that are tight or causing discomfort. The Underwater Treadmill may be added for strengthening, gait retraining, body awareness or endurance. 

The Sports Conditioning Program is a 5 week program ideal for any active dog.
Please contact us to set up a schedule for your dog's 5 week program.