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Elana has such a way with dogs that even my reactive girl will relax.

Her ability to find the problem and knowledge of how to make things better are amazing.

Cathy Stevens

Truly an amazing place to bring your 4-legged friend. Having a Great Dane, a scaredy by nature, I didn’t know how she would react...but she LOVES it!!! She is so comfortable there and truly enjoys the excitement of going.

Katie Love

2nd to none...experience, skill, dedication, knowledge and care! Highly recommend, Elana and all she offers.

Angela Hopkins

Elana is truly amazing with animals. Her place is welcoming, healing, and caring. My dogs love to visit there, which is a testament to her gentle nature with them. She is a gift for dogs that are aging, recovering, ailing, or just need a little TLC. State of the art, clean, facilities that my dogs love to visit. Highly recommend!

Andrea Donovan

Elana has the magic touch. You know she's the best when your dog loves her too! She is working wonders with Casey and shows her canine love with her gentleness and soothing nature. It is an amazing facility and a truly knowledgeable professional.

Betty Brown

So thankful for this place to get my girl back on track after her acl injury.

Louise Hanlon

Thank you for all the care in helping Cash limber up and get back to being playful!

Angela O'Donnell

I’ve been fortunate to have Elana in my life for a number of years. She is an incredible advocate and resource! Over the years I’ve watched her expand her knowledge and credentials in her quest to be the best she can for our dogs. Elana is a den of a professional. She is kind and gentle with everyone she works with - Canine and human. Her insights, observations and skill go well beyond the “basics” into a realm which I believe few practitioners possess. I am so excited to watch her evolve with her new treatment centre.

Catherine Thomas

Yours is the perfect place to be! Your love for the four legged's is unlimited and shows in the one's who spend time with you! We always recommend Elana to our friends and would never hesitate to reach out ourselves for her assistance in living a pain free life!

Kathy and Les Willier

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